Product Recommendations

I talk about products I enjoy all the time on the show, be that supplements, books, food, coffee, all that good stuff. With that in mind I wanted to put a place on my site were all of the products mentioned are listed in one handy place. I often put links in individual podcast episodes, but having them all here is much better for you.

Yes these are affiliate links and I will get a small portion of money for the recommendations. That being said I only recommend stuff I have personal experience with and enjoy or brings me immense value. You don’t pay anymore it’s just going through a specific link to help me out. My podcast takes time and for me to keep it going I’d love the support, but don’t buy anything you don’t need, haha!

Thanks for stopping by, feast your eyes below, and click if you fancy something!

** Note, please consult a Medical Practitioner if you are unsure about supplementing.**