Hey you!

My name is Karen and I currently run the Building A Better Body Podcast. I created this site in order to have a place to expand on all that happens on the cast. You may have seen me before under the brand Good Clean Chow. I have transitioned away from there as my interests have become very broad, and this is why I have settled on my name (Karen McClintock) for the site.

I have a background in photography, IT training, nutrition, general wellbeing, you know all that good stuff. I also have a heathy appetite for dark chocolate and am partial to the odd glass of red wine. I value quality friendships and love being the open ear for people.

I have evolved a lot over the last few years and my passion right now lies with the podcast. I hope to share information with you that brings plenty of value, joy and maybe even a sprinkle of fun.

“Life is Short”

We hear that so much don’t we? So much so that it has no meaning anymore. I used to say it all the time, and then proceeded to waste a lot of my time doing stuff I didn’t enjoy, and living a life that didn’t light me up. Well, right now I’m laser focused on the Podcast because that brings me joy. What I want to do is share inspiring stories from others, and if that helps you change your journey up a little for the better then that will make me smile. I feel Iike I really want to contribute more in my life. Going with the flow and just letting life happen is not an option for me anymore.

Alrighty…. let’s go, are you ready to join in on my journey and find out what lights you up too?!

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