Life Choices

A friend messaged me this sentence recently and I thought it was bang on the money

“Fear of the unknown holds us back so much. We are so good at imagining the worst, we stay were it is only bad.”

For the longest time I feel like I’ve been preaching the same old spiel, we’ve only got one life, work out your true values, beliefs and make life changes accordingly! Yet when I sit back and look at my own life, I’ve played it very safe, I haven’t pushed myself where I should have, and I have become a little too comfortable with the mediocre. It’s just ridiculous how often I don’t take my own damn advice.

It seems to me, an outsider looking in on other people’s lives, a lot of the hugely successful figures have gone through some momentous life changing events that had kickstarted them into what they really want to be doing. Kind of like, nothing else matters now that such and such has happened to me, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s do this! With that in mind I wonder what it would take for the average person without a rocket boosting them along to make those very same changes.

I think we need to understand that, and sorry to be morbid, but yes we are going to die, life is not going to go no forever. I might just go off on a tangent here, so bare with. Now this may just be my own inner turmoil, as I am sure there are many, many people out there absolutely content with whatever it is they are doing. I’d bet probably living a rather simple life too. Once a person’s basics needs are met the rest of our happiness is probably a conscious choice, whether we choose to believe it or not. Just read Mo Gawdat’s book “Solve for Happy”, and you’ll learn all about happiness. It’s perhaps a little too easy to pick the woe is me card as it brings us closer to people, we like to moan in packs, and it’s become a bad habit.

Time to reassess life..


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