How to Poop Properly

Has this ever crossed your mind before? I doubt it, it’s a standard activity though, we all gotta do it, we gotta poop, and normally in a bog standard toilet. Now just bare (pardon the pun) with me, don’t call me crazy, you’ve maybe already seen this fun video circulating the web, and we can all have a laugh at it. However, this idea could be a life changer! I have just been reminded of the topic by listening to Shawn Stevenson’s The Model Health Show recent podcast. I guess the video and the image above are fairly self explanatory, but in Shawn’s podcast today he was interviewing the inventor of the squatty potty. Bobby Edwards is literally on a mission to educate and inform people on how to poop better. Now you may laugh, or even cringe and be disgusted. However, lets face it, it happens, and many people are struggling privately and this may be the key to a more enjoyable life. Bobby’s mother had struggled for years with constipation, literally most of her life, and it was making her miserable, especially having to rely on laxatives so much, not to mention the stress of being away from home and having to deal with everything. So to cut a long story short, they needed a solution, and boom came up with a life changing product. A plastic device that simply slips under the toilet and elevates your feel slightly. So what this does is straighten out the part of the colon that holds your waste, and pooping becomes so much easier, simples. I think most people assume diet is the culprit when there are problems in the bathroom, but you could be doing everything right, eating all the good things, but nope, still not working. Well perhaps your colon is sitting a little more bent than others and all you need is a change in position. An important point is that people assume we just need more fibre when we are in trouble, but we must realise that too much fibre can be a painful mistake too. Imagine even more bulk that cannot be easy eliminated! Too much info? Well I think it’s an important subject, at the end of the day this is waste that needs to be removed and we really don’t want it hanging around too long inside the body. At best we are uncomfortable, but this could also lead to painful haemorrhoids, heart attacks (by straining too much) it may even contribute to colon cancer.

Many years ago this is how we would have taken a poop, just by simply squatting, and if you think of a baby, it goes and squats in the corner and does the same thing. You can’t argue with genetics, haha. I’m just the provider of info. take of it what you will, it’s always good to have options 😉

Enjoy your weekend, and apologies if you are eating your dinner haha.


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