*note, not my feet 😉

I posted a video on my Instagram last week and titled it grounding. Have you ever heard of it? Perhaps not. I’ll explain, now I heard of this quite some time ago, but I have only intentionally carried it out once.

Grounding or earthing is the act of connecting the human body to the surface of the earth (direct skin contact such as bare feet) with the premise of it having a number of health benefits. Research carried out in 2015 examined the possibility of the act reducing inflammation, immune response regulation, wound healing, and the prevention or treatment of chronic inflammatory and immune diseases. The findings showed that grounding improved sleep, by normalising your day/night cycle, reduced pain, reduced stress, shifted the nervous system into the more relaxed Parasympathetic state, increased heart rate variability, speeded up wound healing, and reduced blood viscosity. Now we certainly have some amazing results. I mean whether you think it’s woowoo or not, what’s the worst that can happens by having a stroll in the grass. It’s coming into the colder months here but sure a little bit of discomfort is also good for the soul.

I’m going to give it another go this week. Have you tried it?


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