From Good Clean Chow to Karen McClintock

Hey there faithful reader, thanks for stopping by again. So I just wanted to do a quick blog post about the site redesign. You can’t half tell I’ve been heavily influenced by The Minimalists. Clean and super simple, and now there’s nowhere to hide, the content must speak, haha.. The older posts you will see below were all imported over from an old blog, my half secret one that I talked a little about on the podcast. Perhaps a little self involved as I was going through a bit of phase, but I thought it was important to have just a little peep inside my mind over the last few months. I promise from now on this site will be a little bit more about you and a lot less about me.

So update wise I’m really enjoying focusing all my attention on the podcast. Speaking of which episode 31 has just gone live today, so you can check it out here. I am talking to my good friend Neil McCallion, a creative coder about his take on productivity. The sound isn’t amazing, I’m still trying to get to grips with remote recording, I’ll get there though. All show notes found here too.

Here’s to more collaborations, and fun musings. Stay with me while I go on this journey.


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