Going Off Grid


I often talk about going off grid and really disconnecting from technology but never really do. Today the thought seems to be playing on my mind more than ever. Perhaps the fact that I dropped and smashed my iPhone prompted these thoughts! I am sending it off for repair and will therefore be without it for a few days. The thought actually excites me a little. Of course I won’t really be off grid as I’ll have my iPad & Mac for catching up with people, but that temptation to always whip out the phone when at a loose end will literally be taken away from me.

I have also just read a very short book called Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant. He writes so eloquently about living your truth (obviously). He discussing being away from it all and really allowing thoughts in our head to come through and then encourages us to action what comes up later when we are back to reality. Focusing mainly on sitting with pain and being uncomfortable, trying not to be resistant to these feelings, and instead letting them sit with us and then slowly pass over us. I’ll just let that ruminate with you for a moment.. let your thoughts happen.

I noticed there was a silent retreat happening near by me soon and I am seriously contemplating going for it. A weekend of mediations, reading, and walks just sounds beautifully simple to me and something that would be great to experience.

Chat soon


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