First Local Meetup

IMG_0583What is it with me and WordPress?! Totally just lost my post again *sigh

Anyway, I am super excited to share that I hosted my very first Live Your Legend Local Meetup, yay! I invited 5 other people to my house, we came together in my living room, and I sat back to watch the evening unfold. Now obviously what was said in the meeting is completely confidential, I am not here to share everyone’s inner thoughts, how rude! However I will write about my own experience. As the facilitator I didn’t want to take charge, and I didn’t, I had a rough structure to go through, but I wanted others to really get a chance to share and really be heard.

We started the evening with Scott’s Ted Talk, just to get everyone thinking and inspired, we then moved on to aspirations and changes people would like to make. I think we mainly want to focus in on what we are passionate and excited about a little more. I brought up the topic of Fundamental Values. I often listen to The Minimalists Podcast and they discus this a lot. Here is a list of Fundamental Values that most of us need to keep an eye on:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Passion/Creativity
  • Growth
  • Contribution

If we look at these as buckets that need to be filled up, if they are a little empty perhaps that is the reason we are feeling discontent. Therefore this is where we need to start our plan of action. On the flip side for example if we believe that we are growing as a person life feels better, we are excited about our day and what we have plans for. Or if we are in some way contributing to a cause, or person then we are feeling more lit up and appreciated.

So with our focus on these areas I have set up a group chat with all of the members, a safe space where we can guide each other through their passion and up and coming achievements. Everyone could do with an accountability partner, now we all have 5!

I am excited with what is to come, one meeting down and hopefully many more to come.


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