What Revolution Will I Lead?


Here I am at the final day of blog post prompting, and this one scares me. All of a sudden I have that feeling of doubt that often creeps into my head… What do I actually want, godammit why can’t I focus and find something that truly brings me alive, why have I been searching my entire life with no real results..

Hang on a minute is this really true? I have had results and successes because I have talked about them in previous posts, I’ve started to align my values and passions. However that old demon that tells me to keep moving without stopping for a breath is clearly still very much alive inside me.

What revolution do I want to lead? That’s a damn big question. Well all big changes start with a small step, and let me tell you about my first step….

This Thursday I am holding our first private Meetup, I wanted to be very particular at first with who attends. People who are onboard with the vision, are passionate, and will turn up without fail. Also people that I know quite well as it’s all happening in my house initially. Who knows where this will lead, I don’t want to look into the future to much, but this is an exciting time, bringing like minded people together can be explosive. Regarding agenda on the night, I don’t want it to be formal but I hope to put together some guidelines and really open the room up to discussion.  I would like future sessions to have a person in the hot seat that brings in topics or presentations for debate.

There we have it, my revolution is to start getting people talking about their passions and creating action plans together. I believe people need creative environments to make changes in their lives. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? Are they fun, passionate, and inspiring? I am starting to pick my 5 wisely.


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