What’s One Thing I am Proud of?

The blog challenge continues, and today is going to be a real case of self reflection. It’s often difficult to think of what we are most proud of. I think this is for a number of reasons; we rush through life, now more than ever and often don’t take the time to think about what just happened and how we really feel about it. Also personally I’m pretty bad at celebrating my successes, why? Perhaps I have it ingrained in me that celebrating is boastful, and we should all be self deprecating and all “oh shush it was nothing”! Even as I write that it seems ridiculous. I mean why challenge yourself, get a little uncomfortable in the process, come out the other side a stronger person, to then brush over it all and never shout from the roof tops, “I am f*cking amazing! Or something less shouty perhaps!

So when I think back over my life the main achievement I can recall is completing the Belfast Marathon (delirious picture above). It’s funny to think of this now because I am no longer a runner, I kind of hate it, perhaps because I feel like I’ve already carried out a lifetime of running, plus I feel there are better ways to stay strong and healthy, but now is not the time to discuss that. 

I ran the marathon for the charity Lupus UK because it was a real driving force for me, I may have given up many times through injury, but the online Just Giving page kept growing so I kept  powering through. I raised a total of £1,100 which I’m pretty proud of, it’s not easy to ask people for money, so I am super grateful to have raised so much. 

My good friend Tina wrote a very humourous blog post on the journey of trying to follow me around the route, incidentally Tina is an amazing writer, come back and write more please Tina! Reading back over this really made me smile, it’s lovely just to see acts of kindness and how people care for one another. She really made the effort to catch up with me as I went around the route, which wasn’t easy as you will read! 

After reading this it lead me to another post Tina had written about me back in November 2011.  Now this one really struck a cord because it was about dreaming big, I really needed to see this today. You can read it for yourself but it describes my journey of photography. How I started with a simple G.C.S.E, went on to complete the HND, and finally a Creative Imaging degree. I love how Tina describes the process of when I see a photograph in things many wouldn’t. She also discusses my very first photography exhibit. I remember this well, I was excited, and I can tap into that feeling right now, I had found my bliss. 

I will finish this post with the text Tina finished her blog with.

“Anyway, not to go all Martin Luther King on you, Karen has a dream and she’s steadily working towards it. 

I like it when people dream big. I like it even more when they start achieving those dreams. It’s exciting!

Tonight Karen Marathon will become Karen Photographer in my contacts. It seems only right.”

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