What Do People Thank Me For?

Today’s writing prompt is a damn difficult one for me. Thankfully I have been given some starter questions to help guide me, plus I have the lovely Mark to point a few things out for me.

At first I felt like the very idea of writing about this topic seemed a little self indulgent, you know…oh look at how great I am at this and that. However, on reflection, screw that, this is about finding out the real me, what’s makes Karen, Karen. I’ve started this process to work out the real me and that involves listening to other people’s opinions.

Here we have the prompts:

“What do you love helping people with?”

“What would you be happy and excited to help others with, even if you didn’t get paid?”

*thinking hard*

I am a fixer at heart, I don’t like to see people struggle, be it health or anything inbetween really. I love to be the person that people go to and ask for advice. If I am the first person that pops into someone’s head, you know like “Oh I’ll ask Karen that, she’ll know what to do” I love that, I want to be everyone’s sage. For someone to trust me fully and ask advice of is a true privilege. I have recently been discussing health concerns with a close friend, and she said to me “I wish you were here to give me advice & kick my butt, and make me healthy food! Thanks so much for caring. Also my most favourite sentence to hear “I appreciate you”. How lovely is that!? You know we don’t often take the time out to say I appreciate you, and those are some powerful words. 

It’s important for me to be an active listener, we are so caught up in our own heads that’s it’s just lovely to know someone is really listening. 

So yes, I am more than happy to be the ear for many people and do not expect to get paid for it. This brings me joy. 

That felt good, it’s utterly amazing that you think you have nothing to write about, and then all of a sudden you’re in full flow.


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