Ignore the Outside Noise

I was watching a Ted Talk recently and one part of it really stayed with. The speaker was talking about how a friend of his in school was making a clay model of a horse. He was enjoying the process until he was told it was a kind of rubbish, he then proceeded to throw it away and was never really creative again. 

It is unbelievable how impressionable we are when we are young. How we absorb everything we are told and thus the start of negative limiting beliefs begins.

The story reminded me of a couple of personal experiences. One being an art teacher who told me that my painting of a packet of digestive biscuits was too realistic, I mean WTF, how dare he? I thought it was amazing and I was super proud of it, but just like that I was brought right down. It stayed with me, as I can clearly still remember it. Art is so subjective, so criticism like that is neither helpful or good for a students morale. I’m not saying he should have told me it was simply wonderful, but his choice of language made me doubt myself. 

Moving on, I recently found some photographs I took as part of my Creative Imaging Degree. I love people watching and decided to sit in the same spot in a coffee shop and photograph the person that happened to sit opposite me. Their body language and possible story fascinated me. Some looked exhausted, some content, some pensive, all sorts of thoughts came to mind. I loved the process, however my tutor didn’t love it, and I changed my direction. Not even sure what I did instead but it clearly didn’t inspire me!

So I believe there comes a time when we just have to shut out the outside noise, put the blinkers on and do what lights us up, brings us joy, excitement and inspiration!

Pics from the project that never got finished…

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