Podcast Notes

I published a podcast yesterday and I talked about my journey with creating a passion project. I had Notes as I went along, so thought it would be great to post them here so I can read over them again, and really get in tune with what I actually said.

Hi everyone, it’s Thursday again, and I’m here in your ears once again. Today I am going to chat a little differently, I want you to hear the real me, rather than a scripted version, or just a voice reading you out what the latest health advice is… 

So I’ve been doing some soul searching lately, trying to really figure out what I want to do with my life. Perhaps as a listener you think I have it all sorted out. Perhaps you don’t, you maybe don’t know me from Adam and have no idea what my day look like. Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve been trucking along, almost getting a little too complacent and comfortable, and then all of a sudden you take a moment to breath or something happens to make you re-assess your life and you just realise that you have no idea what you are doing, and time is passing by too damn fast. Well that’s kind of me right now. So I’ll be open and honest here, I’ll let you guys get to know the real me a little bit better, that is if I even know the answer to that myself! At the moment I work part time, 3 days a weeks, I’ll not say where, it’s fairly well paid for what I do, I have days that are good, rewarding and enjoyable, and other days when I think, what am I actually still doing here? I’m sure we all have those days. The other two working days of the week I try to compile info. for my podcast and any other ideas that are rattling around in my head, along with distractions like you know, ironing and stuff like that. 

I think if I just start chatting here I’ll perhaps get some clarity, you guys can be my active listeners, yeah you can’t reply right now, but you can do via email if you like… karen@goodcleanchow.com

I have been taking some steps to really discover what I have been put on this planet to do. Now there are plenty of people who are happy as they are, and that’s cool, but for me I often feel that that this isn’t enough, and the more I study the subject the more I feel that I need to make a difference, make connections and do work I love to feel truly fulfilled in life. I believe this is where true bliss is. Life isn’t going to go on forever, fact! so if we are bored, unhappy or just damn apathetic right now, change isn’t an option it is a must happen. And it shouldn’t take some tragic event to give you that rocket to push forward, now is the right time, because you know know what, if you wait and wait for that perfect time to act it will never come…at the end of the day, big changes come with action, small action maybe, but this action will hopefully move us forward in a progressive way.

As I said I have been working on myself, so let me explain a little bit more of my methods, I have started an online course called, Live Your Passion, a little off shoot course of the Live Your Legend movement. And if you haven’t heard of that it was started by the late Scott Dinsmore who died tragically on Mount Kilamanjaro during a year long trip with his wife. However, he has left behind a movement that I am keen to get on board with. He did a Ted Talk a while back, discussing how passionate he was about helping people find work they love, because if we all were to do that, perhaps the world would be a better place. This is nothing new, you hear stuff like this all the time though don’t you? Oh yeah, find work you love, as if, the world doesn’t work that way, easier said than done, I have a mortgage, blah blah. Negativity just hangs out of us today, we have built up from beliefs that have been pushed upon us from the outside, we believe them and they become part of us as nasty little habits. I mean we weren’t born moaning, we were happy, and giggly and lots made us smile. Then we listened to outside noise and got a little more bitter and twisted! (a side note, I know some of us have genuine major struggle to deal with, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about moaners that really need to stop it and take action) So if we really want to feel great, and worthwhile and ultimately find a life that allows us to feel content then how can we not find work we love?! People are doing work they love every day, it is of course possible, we just have to reallllllyy want it, so I say to you right now, is the passion and willingness inside you starting to outweigh the fear of change and failure………yes? Then its time to make some moves!

The course I am completing will help you to find and focus in on your true strengths and also your perceived weaknesses. This is about working with your strengths in order to really make progress happen for you. All to often we try to get better at stuff that just isn’t our thing, and my reading of the information so far have taught me to forget the stuff you aren’t great at, work on what you are great at, and therefore become even more amazing at it, leave the rest up to other people. I mean why waste time and energy on something that turns out mediocre and hasn’t been worth your time and energy when you can be rocking at your own little niche. 

It’s astounding how we have lost sight of ourselves and need to ask others what our strengths really are, because if you don’t know then you can’t really move forward. Likewise if you don’t know what you want, you can’t move forward with life either. For me I think it’s essential now to put in self work. Discover my true passions and absolutely ignore the outside noise from other people. I have faffed about too much and asked for other people’s opinions and approvals all to often, and this is why I have truly lost sight of myself. This may take some time, and that is why I am documenting it as I go on the blog. If I don’t keep note I’ll loose track again. I want to right down immediately if something inspires me, lights me up and gives me the drive and excitement factor that I am seeking. 

Now as you probably know I love my health and fitness stuff, and I love sharing it with you guys, but I might even take a step back from that, I’m not sure just yet what that means. I think I will still bring you my podcast, but the content may vary greatly, luckily building a Better Body encapsulates most things so we’ll probably be ok there. I absolutely know I want to be creative again. I miss being a photographer, a real arty photographer, that really lit me up. I think I’ve discovered in the past if I try and turn a passion into something that earns money I lose my way a little. Kind of ruins the point of the course I’m doing eh haha… 

Ah when you reach your 30’s you really do question everything don’t you? Well I do anyway. As I’ve said in the past it’s when we listen to outside noise and what society has taught us too much we get a little lost, especially when it doesn’t align with what is truly inside of us. I should have a mortgage, a kid, a steady 9-5, a sun holiday a year. I find the thought of that utterly boring, and I can’t help it…. Don’t get me wrong, if this is you and you are loving life I am so excited for you, you have found your bliss, hold on damn tight to it. It’s just not my bliss, I crave adventure, and new beginnings, connections and passion projects.

Wow, I think I’m done sharing now,  I really felt in the flow with this.


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