Live Your Legend

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I have known of Scott Dinsmore’s work for quite some time now, I believe my first encounter was seeing him on his hugely popular Ted Talk. He talked with such passion about finding work you love, and if we all did that the world around us might just be a better place. I don’t know why I didn’t take his advice and really try and uncover my true self, and true passions way back then. Perhaps I kind of have, but at present it doesn’t feel like I have moved forward.

Scott died in a tragic accident a year or two back, but I still receive emails from his business as his wife has taken over. Today one of the emails really made me want to take action. I noticed they were offering a course named Live Off Your Passion. I am pretty sure I have seen information on this before, but today I dug a little deeper, so deep in fact that I signed up! It’s time to take this sh*t seriously. If I continue doing what I have always done, having repeated days, months, or even years, then nothing will change.

The course has the aim of helping people really find their passion, excel at it and spread the word, even if they haven’t got a clue where to start!

I do feel that if we can find our true purpose and turn that into work we will lead much more fulfilled lives. Why on earth do so many of us just accept current situations, especially when we know there are better opportunities out there? Is it a fear of failure, or even worse, is it a fear of success? I mean what if we really made it, then what!?

So today marks the day where I begin this journey. I am ready to go all in on the course that lasts 9 weeks. I endeavour to open my mind to all possibilities, I have one trip on this planet, let’s make it count!


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